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Created, promoted and marketed by Stambouli Enterprises, ViaTonic, aViaTonic brands and their ViaDoctor division have proven to be among the most successful natural, non medical products for Slimming, Weight Loss, Impotency, Wrinkle Reduction and other Health & Beauty products, available today on the market, whether in patch, capsules or gel form.

Unlike most competitive products, ViaTonic, aViaTonic lines are developed and manufactured in Western Europe (mainly France and England) to the highest industry standards, in order to benefit from the latest innovative technologies available, and assure the highest level of quality during the manufacturing process.

ViaTonic, aViaTonic and ViaDoctor are marketed world wide by the service driven Stambouli group known to work closely with their customers in order to ensure the highest level of quality products matched with best price, prompt, courteous and efficient service.

In this respect, ViaTonic, aViaTonic and ViaDoctor brands, are not only capable of adapting their packaging to the various market necessities, but also when required, their formula, as body reactions can be different from one "cold' market to another "warm" market.

All lines are available for distribution and also for direct marketing. You may browse through the informative ViaTonic website and contact us for any additional information you would like to receive.

Via Ananas, Via Thé Vert and Via Soup are reknown world wide as the most successful products of the ViaTonic line of products.


Extremely satisfying results have been achieved by ViaTonic Puissance "X" potency patches that will soon be available in a boosted formula. Another big successful product is the ViaTonic Slimming Patch with Fucus & Green Tea. Another product that has produced exceptional results is Via Grey Away, the shampoo that gradually blends grey hairs for natural-looking colour.


Having heavily invested in this field in order to provide the best quality products to the ever growing and demanding market, ViaTonic has become the armed branch of Stambouli Enterprises in the Cosmetic industry. Both ViaTonic and ViaDoctor products are marketed on a large scale and exclusive basis in Russia, Armenia, Lebanon and Algeria by Post Shop, and by Post Shopping in Ukraine and Cyprus. At the close of 2003, ViaTonic Slim Patch and ViaTonic Puissance "X" will be available in Qatar and Jordan. Other markets are being considered for 2004. Interested parties may contact us by clicking here.

The Cosmetic Industry

The Cosmetic industry has undertaken a real revolution in the 21st century with the intensive development of the Patches as a cosmetic substitute to creams, and have revealed to be one of the fastest growing industry today, providing unmatched results in the cosmetic line of products. In this respect, ViaTonic has become the armed branch of Stambouli Enterprises (Cyprus) Ltd in the Cosmetic industry, having heavily invested in this field in order to provide the best quality products to the ever growing and demanding market.

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